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SpeedWeek 2007


Stampy's Roadster

Not too many sleeps left until SpeedWeek 2007. March 5th to 9th is the date to remember for the ultimate Hot Rodding experience in Australia. The word on the street is that new teams are coming from NSW, WA and VIC and they are bringing more Hot Rods. This makes me very happy! Keith Turk's 260 mph Camaro and Gail Philip's 300 mph streamliner are both coming from the States. Australian club membership has topped 660 and there are a record number of pre entries for the 2007 meet. All this adds up to what promises to be DLRA's biggest meeting yet.


Rod Hadfield and Lionel West have teamed up with Neil and Keith Stamp and will be running Stampy's 28 Roadster. The car has topped 185 mph in the past. But, both Rod and Lionel are known to have heavy feet, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to going fast - so we may see it move a bit quicker!


Norm Bradshaw is installing a 1200 hp big block Ford with twin turbos into a worn out ex Falcon Taxi. I wouldn't mind hailing down that Taxi, it would certainly get you to the airport on time!


Then there is Nick Rees (Rees Racing) and Ray Flaherty (Junkyard Classics) who are turning their hand to Salt Lake Racing. Nick and Ray are organizers of Rat Rod Day in Sydney. Nick is bringing a 32 Roadster and is hoping to beat the arse off Big Knob Racing. Ray is bringing a T Roadster. The more Hot Rods the better I say.


There is something for everyone at the Lake. This year we are going to see a steam powered 260Z Datsun. Yes, that's right, steam powered. Considering that a steam powered car, the Stanley Steam Car, held the 1906 land speed record at 127.66 mph, it may not be a bad idea. The bottom half of the engine is pretty well standard, but the heads have been modified for steam. The engineering is pretty impressive, I hope it works. The team is trying for 150 mph.


Phil Medlin is bringing his V12 T Model with a home made fuel injection system. He is hoping for big numbers. Phil also has a Merlin powered Racer in the planning.


At the time of writing this, Lake Gairdner and its surrounds have copped a downpour and the road into the lake is impassable. A plane is going to do a fly by next week to check out the conditions. The weather out at the Lake this time of year is usually very hot, so it is likely that the area will dry up over the next 6 weeks. We don't want SpeedWeek suffering the same drought breaking rains that some Nostalgia Drag Meets seem to attract.


Check the web site http://www.dlra.org.au for updates.




DLRA (Dry Lakes Racers of Australia) have just received an offer from the boys at Cruzin to produce a regular magazine dedicated to Salt Lake Racing, with a special focus on SpeedWeek in Australia. Cruzin magazine can see that DLRA is a major player in the Rodding scene. To have Australian Salt Lake Racing history recorded in such a professional manner will be invaluable for all past and future racers.


Phil Medlin's T Roadster

Phil Medlin's newest project

Keith Turk's Camaro


Last modified: June 08, 2006