Cled Davies

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(Chief Starter for the DLRA)


Oggi in a panic!

It's panic stations at Big Knob HQ. No 6 piston has leaned out in the 34 Roadster with only 2 weeks to go till the Salt! The 460 Big Block in the drag car looks like being its replacement. Stay tuned.


One of the most important jobs at the salt is the starter. With the help of the timer and rescue crew, the starter controls the track. The DLRA is lucky to have Cled Davies filling the starter position. Cled records the vehicle and driver number, makes sure the track is clear, and then gives the OK to run.


Some may know Cled from the Bendigo Swap Meet. He was the main organiser for five years.


Cled has been a petrol head all his life. He started with a speedboat he and a mate built. But Cled decided boats we no fun after retrieving it from its 3rd sinking.


Cled progressed to motor cross bikes and raced for twelve years winning 20 state and interstate titles. He found the downside of motor cross racing by bouncing on the ground and breaking various body parts. He thought then that four wheels might be better than two!


With four wheels, he drag raced an FX ute for a while but then discovered vintage cars. Cled has circumnavigated Australia three times in his vintage car and has won the modified car section of Targa Tasmania. Winning the Targa is no mean feat but Cled did it with style - he crashed the car on the way and still won!


It didn't take much convincing by yours truly to get Cled to the Lake in 2000. He showed up with his 1917 Dodge Speedster. His best speed being 83 mph - pretty quick for a 90 year old car!


Cled has been at SpeedWeek every year since and now he is DLRA's starter. He loves the place. He has earned the respect and gratitude of all racers. Good on ya Cled.


See you at the Lake, Norm Hardinge.


Cled's Dodge Speedster

Cled and Penny


Last modified: June 08, 2006