Shit Happens!

(What really not to do at the Salt)


Congratulations to DLRA's Richard Assen and his Hayabusa. Racing at Bonneville's USA World of Speed in September, Richard managed five runs over 215 mph with a best speed of 221 mph making it the fastest bike of the meet. Well Done!


Around 5 months to go before we head to Lake Gairdner for another annual SpeedWeek of salt lake racing. I hope everyone is working hard on their cars and not leaving it to the last minute. I mean, don't take a leaf out of Big Knob Racing's book, we will probably start preparing the 34 roadster in February. Rod Hadfield and Cled Davies are heading out to the lake to test new timing equipment over Christmas. If all goes well, the DLRA will be running two tracks. SpeedWeek 2008 promises to be our biggest event ever. Two tracks is definitely the way to go! This month Boyd Coddington's race team shows how not to spend your time at Bonneville.


Boyd Coddington's race team went to Bonneville this year with a roadster, semi trailer, motor home, helicopter, and the film crew from American Hot Rodder. Boyd's wife Jo drove the roadster and spun it out at 180 mph almost taking out the STCA timing box. The helicopter was asked to stay away from the start line because it was a distraction to drivers, and the motor home went off the beaten track, broke through a thin layer of salt and sunk to its axles in the mud below.


But the crew didn't think much of it. They thought no problem, well just get a couple of tow trucks to pull the motor home out. Both tow trucks arrived and promptly sunk into the mud. The crew still took it in their stride. No problem, we'll just get an even bigger truck to pull the three bogged vehicles out of the mud. So Big Blue arrived. It seemed to be a surprise to the crew that Big Blue, being bigger and heavier than the rest also sank into the mud. Every time they tried to drag one of the vehicles out, it drove it deeper into the mud. These trucks were stuck on a 40 degree angle stuck in mud five feet deep! It wasn't until half way through the next day that a tri axle truck drove out carefully, staying on the steady ground to free the motor home and the fleet of tow trucks with a long tow cable.


Look out for next month's issue. Cruzin the Salt will be a full feature on Bonneville Speedweek 2007.


I'm sure this year's Bonneville trip will be hard for the Coddington team to forget!


See you at the Salt, Norm.


The motor home

Jo being pushed off the start line

Coddington's transporter


Last modified: June 08, 2006