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Salt Lake Racing - It's the Best!


In Australia you have the chance to experience what I consider to be the greatest go fast adventure - DLRA SpeedWeek. The event is held every year at Lake Gairdner in South Australia - located 131 kms north of Iron Knob.


For some time now I have been writing a monthly article in the Australian Magazine, Cruzin. Cruzin the Salt is about keeping everyone up to date with the latest news, gossip, truths and non truths.


I try to cover not only the events, cars and politics but also the people involved - the hard core petrol heads who spend long hours in their sheds developing ways of going faster, the crazy characters that find their way into every type of motor sport, and the top blokes that have made DLRA SpeedWeek what it is today.


Each link below will take you to a different story. I enjoyed writing them, I hope you enjoy reading them.