Early Preparations for

SpeedWeek 2007

(Fun in the Shed!)


The Big Knob's 34 Roadster

We are not the only team busy in the shed in the lead up to SpeedWeek March 2007. I am happy to hear more rod clubs intend to visit and race at the Lake this year. Nick Rees in Sydney told me that his new '32 roadster will give us some competition - yeah! yeah! The WA guys will be there as usual, and The Spades and Geelong Rodders in Victoria will be first timers this year.


Meanwhile .... back in the shed ... panic is starting to set in. March the 5th is not far away and as usual we are behind schedule, stressed, and totally cocky that we will be 200 mph club members by the end of March.


We only need 4.5 mph to get us into the club. Sounds easier than it is! If it was easy to achieve we probably wouldn't be doing it and we definitely wouldn't have as much fun. The Big Knob Race Team, Oggie, Greg and myself, have decided the 34's fuel delivery is up the shit. We are going to revamp it from the tank through to the carbies. We are fitting a pair of 800 double pumpers forced fed by two big volume fuel pumps straight out of a Nascar (thanks Bob Kelly!). We have carefully calculated that this will supply fuel to the engine at roughly the same rate as a garden hose! With our 800 double pumpers, surely all we need is some minor tweeking of the motor and electrics. Hopefully by the time this goes to print the dyno will have given us a big tick.


The yanks are coming!


Keith Turk, race director and president of the East Coast Timing Association is shipping his 260 mph Camaro out from the States. The car runs a 572ci crate motor with the only modification being the sump. You need big volumes of oil when you floor it mile after mile. ECTA race on an old airstrip in North Carolina. Keith came out to our SpeedWeek last year. He loved our race meeting and Australia. This year Keith is returning with his car, his wife Tonya, David Freiburger (the editor in chief of Hot Rod Magazine) and his main spanner man, Steve. Keith's whole team gets a chance to drive. Keith and Tonya are both members of the 200 mph club.


Keith has offered our own Rod Hadfield a drive in his 260 mph Camaro. We offered Rod a drive in the Big Knob Racing's 195.5 mph '34 Roadster, but he responded that it doesn't go fast enough - he doesn't drive anything that can't do 200 mph! Rod's Bronze Aussie Commodore still looks very sad so he might just take the up the yanks offer.


Dry Lakes Racers Australia is having a pre race meeting on February 4th at Aussie Desert Cooler, 350 Murray Rd., Preston, Victoria. All are welcome.


For more information, check out www.dlra.org.au


See you at the Lake, Norm Hardinge.


In the Shed


Last modified: June 08, 2006