Aluminium Radiators

In order to comply with  warranty requirements, a purchaser of an Aluminium radiator, must, 

flush out the entire system to clean out all the old inhibitor. Some inhibitors can react with one another. This can corrode and destroy the radiator.

Aluminium radiators require a Glycol based inhibitor that meets the Australian Standard AS2108. Aussie Desert Cooler recommends GMH inhibitor to suit VN Commodore.

After the radiator has been fitted and the system has been refilled using the correct inhibitor, the inhibitor must be checked for STRAY CURRENT using a voltmeter/electrolysis detector. Always check for stray current with the engine running and with all accessories turned ON. If any accessories are not earthed properly the stray current passes through the inhibitor and can corrode the radiator within weeks.



Last modified: June 08, 2006