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(The first 300 mph wheel driven Australian at SpeedWeek)


The Keith Black

Hello again, the guys at Cruzin have let me loose again. Although Speedweek isn't until March next year, there is a lot of activity going on in sheds all around Australia. New builds include a 34 Roadster in Queensland, a T Model in Perth and a Bellytank in Melbourne. This time, I thought I would tell you about Australia's fastest man, John Lynch.


John has the Hot Rod disease "BAD". His shed contains a 34 Roadster with a Ford 427 SOHC motor, a Windsor powered 34 Tudor, and an Arden equipped 34 Coupe along with a couple of unfinished projects.


John Lynch's first trip to the salt was in a Holden rental car in 1994. John put the car on the salt and ran 135mph. I don't think the rental car company would have been impressed but everyone else was!


Twelve months build time saw John back at the Lake with an impressive Bellytank powered by a blown Keith Black Hemi. On it's maiden voyage, John melted the motor, the next year the meet was cancelled due to water on the lake, but the following year John and his team ran 211.50 mph straight off the trailer. The Bellytank has been to every meeting since. In 1998, John proudly raced at the 50th anniversary of Bonneville USA as part of the Aussie Assalt Team.


Bellytanks are aerodynamic fuel tanks used in WWII to extend the range of aircraft. They were attached under the wings or fuselage of the aircraft. Being aerodynamic, they are a perfect shape for Salt Lake Racing. John's is a replica custom built in Castlemaine.


Last year (2005), back in Australia, John became Dry Lake Racers Australia's fastest man with an incredible 301.729 mph pass. We all waited with bated breath this year - John had installed a brand new Keith Black for 2006 - he ran a very respectable 253 mph but destroyed his Keith Black. OUCH! The last one lasted 10 years!


No doubt he will be back for 2007.


See you at the Salt, Norm Hardinge.


Tube Chassis taking shape

Early days at the Lake

At Bonneville

Mark Rye shapes the body

Another one of John's toys

Australia's fastest man

John representing Australia at Bonneville


Last modified: June 08, 2006