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I have just got back from Bonneville USA, and what a great time I had. I've taken heaps of photos and talked to a lot of the racers. Keep an eye on Cruizin magazine for the story.


This month we check out salt lake racer Mike Davidson of flathead fame. Australian salt lake racing is held at Lake Gairdner which adjoins Mt. Ive Station, a very large sheep station in the outback. The area is remote and the people who call it home are hard as nails (tough as!) and the sheep are even tougher. We camp on Mt. Ive Station and work with the owners to run the event. One of my early recollections of Mike on the salt was the look on his face when he had to explain to the owner of Mt. Ive Station why one of the DLRA members had drawn a cartoon of her son rooting a sheep! I didn't envy his job. In the end it turned out that it was one of their own neighbours who drew the cartoon and not a DLRA member. Those owners have since sold.


Mike is one of the founding fathers of Salt Lake Racing in Australia. After spending 3 days at Bonneville in 1988 the salt bug had bit. On his return he contacted Andy Jenkins of Broken Hill with the hope of getting Salt Lake Racing happening in the land of oz.


Mike's perseverance saw the formation of the DLRA. The first meet had seven cars competing and 24 people present. Mike became the first president of the DLRA and remained in the job for 10 years. The club now boasts 700 plus members. Mike Davidson is definitely the racer. 1990 saw him run an oval track Ford special to 124 mph. After that Mike built the first purpose built Salt car in Australia - a T model roadster running a flathead. Mike held four Australian records with this car, some of which still stand. The roadster was sold in 2004 to finance his latest project. Mike intends to build the fastest flathead powered car on the planet. The streamliner body is complete. The chassis and two flathead motors are well underway. Mike will need to run speeds at over 300 mph. A big ask for flathead power. Good Luck Mike.


See you at the Salt, Norm.

Streamliner similar to Mike's new project

Mike's vintage speedway Roadster

Mike Davidson

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Last modified: June 08, 2006