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The recent DLRA general meeting at Aussie Desert Cooler was well attended by over 70 members and visitors as we start preparations for SpeedWeek 2008. I caught up with Smurf (Steve Vorwek) from South Australia. Smurf has fitted a 17 litre Detroit Diesel with twin 671 blowers into his 1951 International truck. He had to hire a 12 ton mobile crane to install the monster motor. The crane driver refused payment saying "I can't take your money mate, you're a legend".


This month we have a look at fellow racer Norm Bradshaw. Norm has circuit raced his 499 ci mustang for years. After hearing about Lake Gairdner he decided to give salt lake racing a go. He surprised himself and a few others in 2002 by running 170 mph straight up. In 2004 he ran an Australian record of 194.88 for "A" Production. The following year, Norm changed to gas coupe and joined the 200 mph club with a 202 mph pass. Realising the mustang has the aerodynamics of a brick, Norm decided to change body shape. He went for an AU Falcon taxi which he purchased for $500. Not being content with just a slippery shape, Norm invested a bucket load of money, time, sweat and effort and built a 439 ci winsor based turboed monster producing just under 1400 Horsepower! The car is geared to run around 270 mph but Norm expects a fair bit of trial and error before it gets there. Norm was wise to keep the original Taxi look. If his race team ever needs top up funds, he can always put it back into service!


Norm also owns a neat 34 Tudor Street Rod which is currently going through a rebuild.


Norm Bradshaw wants to thank his crew and Mark at Dynomotive.


Want to find out more about land speed racing, check out dlra.org.au.


See you at the Salt, Norm Hardinge.


Smuf's Truck

Smurf's new twin supercharged V12


Norm Bradshaw's mustang

The Taxi's 1200hp motor

Before shot


Last modified: June 08, 2006