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Aussie Desert Cooler's Restoration work

Aussie Desert Cooler can help with everything from T Model Ford polished brass radiators to early Bentleys. 

Brass Fin and honeycomb cores are available. We can also provide modern cores which will improve on performance without taking away from the look of your car

We also have a large stock of original radiators on hand which we can use for parts or templates.

Our Brass Fin cores look similar to the original style of early ford and dodge but provide approximately 30 percent extra cooling.

Tspeedster.gif (104979 bytes)

T Model Speedster

Bentley.gif (118364 bytes)

1928 Bentley Recore

Darek.gif (91048 bytes)


Tmodel.gif (82027 bytes)

Brass (to be Polished) T Model

T-Model-Back-of.gif (78096 bytes)

Rear View of Brass T


Last modified: June 08, 2006