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The date for SpeedWeek 2007 is 5th to the 9th of March. Preparations are looking good with a new improved pit location and staging area. To find out more about Dry Lakes Racers Australia check out the web site http://www.dlra.org.au or give me a call. This month, our feature is on the Salt Addict Steve Vorwerk (Smurf).


Smurf's Hot Rod Truck came about after Dennis Bounty allowed Steve to race on the Salt in his FJ. Steve was hooked. On the way home all he could think about was what he could build. Steve is a truck driver. He checked out the record book and found there were zero records set for trucks. He then had an idea!


Steve remembered seeing an old 190 International in a graveyard somewhere and hoped that he could still find it. On the pretext of taking the Mrs for a sunday drive he not only found it but purchased it for the princely sum of two cartons of beer. It had no wheels and no running gear but for that price Steve knew he would find a way to get it home.


Steve needed a donor truck and his mate "Barrell" from Robe SA offered a Acco VT190 Cummins.


Steve found that when he approached businesses and told them that he wanted to build a truck that would do over 100 mph on the Salt the response was "All you bloody truckies are the same". Fortunately a few took him seriously. Clive from Independent Components supplied late model Mercedes running gear, Barry at Levels Diesel did the pump and injectors, Russel from Wild Cat Diesel took on the job of making it all work.


With the motor and running gear under control, Steve widened the body 8", channelled the cabin 14" over the chassis and then added 3 feet to the chassis length.


Two weeks to go and it was all turning to shit. Steve's good mates from Grey Power Racing drove up from Robe to lend a hand - Dennis, Barrell and Todd. A week later the truck was ready to paint. Gary from Paint Supplies SA helped out and Smurf's Hot Rod Truck was on its way to the salt.


Steve ran a 118 mph pass on the truck's maiden salt voyage in 2005. Steve fitted a 903 Cummins motor for 2006 SpeedWeek (heaps more power) but the Hot Rod Truck was plagued with mechanical problems and only managed 111 mph.


Steve is hoping that the mechanical problems will be sorted for SpeedWeek 2007. His goal is 130 mph. Good Luck Smurf!


See you at the Lake, Norm Hardinge.


Steve Vorwerk

Steve is happy to be at the Lake

Steve's International Truck

Neighbour's Nightmare

The Truck Graveyard


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