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The Big Knob Racing's 

429 Big Block Powered 

34 Roadster


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 Early Days

200 MPH isnít as easy as everyone thinks! Norm Hardinge had our best run ever at 195.5mph compared to Wayne Belotís 195.3mph. Despite the lake being full of water at the start of the week, we ended up with some good racing. Next year 200 for sure! Thanks to Rod & Carol Hadfield, John Peterson, Mat Lagoon, Neil Davies, Tom Peach, Elvis at Rod Bods, Nicki Signs, MacDonald Bros Racing, Jet Hot Coatings, Bob Kelly, and Darren Milburn.

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The project that never ends! The 34 Roadster evolves every year as we try to run the elusive 200 mph. 

This car came about after a discussion in the year 2000 at the Victorian Hot Rod show. 

I had already told Elvis at Rod Bods that I intended to build something for the Salt. He got excited and offered a 34 Roadster body.

The motor was a 429 out of a Lincoln - a runner we got from Brain Barber at Select Autos.

Bob Kelly supplied a front axle, Rod Hadfield supplied the rear end and the rest we scraped up from around the shed.

Oggi and I decided we could build the car and race it in 6 weeks time at Lake Gairdner - it was almost around the clock building.

The event is only on once a year for a week.

We were still screwing it together and giving it a visual wheel alignment in the pits at the Salt.

My better half Vicki managed 139 mph. Oggi and I couldn't match her speed. 

With lots of help form many mates, we have since managed to hold the class record. 

In 2006, the current record for B/Gas Roadster is held by Big Knob Racing at 195.5 mph with yours truly driving. This makes it the fastest roadster in Australia.

You can read the story of this years adventure.



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Starting Prep work for 2007


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On the drag strip

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Norm and Oggi (Wayne Belot)

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On the Salt 2006

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Waiting to race ... Hot!

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Racing 2000

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Back at the Pits

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The Pits 2000

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Camping with Oggi and Greg ... quick hide the Bourbon.


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