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Shop Trucks

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The FJ

As we have grown so have our shop trucks. 

The FJ used to handle our swap meets and car show haulage. Powered by a hot 202 and built by myself in the back yard at home it carried radiators and dragged trailers into nearly every state in Australia. The FJ ended up in quite a few Australian and US Hot Rod magazines after Vicki and I drove it to the salt lakes in 1999, raced it, took the class record (112 mph), and then drove it back to Melbourne.

Unfortunately, the FJ was too small for the loads as we became busier and was replaced by the GMC. The GMC was possessed. It broke down all over Australia in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. After being let down continuously, I started a campaign to totally rebuild the mechanicals and electrics. On completion I felt confident again. This was shattered when the LPG prepared motor burnt 2 valves out. The supplier eventually supplied new heads and we were all happy again.....Until the next time ... returning from the summernats with a trailer load the rear air bags collapsed. The Jimmy shuddered to a halt tearing out linkages and wiring - as usual in the middle of nowhere, in the dark. It was then I decided the GMC needed a priest not a mechanic. After returning to Melbourne and more rebuilding I decided to sell the Jimmy to stay sane. It sold straight away and I'm pleased to say Rod form Hot Rod Roasts, the guy who brought it, has told me repeatedly how reliable and drivable the GMC is. 

We hunted around and found a F250 cheap $1800. We started a ground up rebuild including a Hi Comp 351, beefed up C6 Auto and a flame job. So far the F truck has made 3 trips to the salt lakes and carried stock for shows in most states.

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The GMC after the flame Job. Some say that it looks like it has hit a bottle of tomato sauce.

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The GMC before the flame job.

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The F250 during build up.

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The F250 after flame job.


Last modified: June 08, 2006