Aussie Desert Cooler Offers a 3 year / 75,000 km Warranty on all Radiator Sales

Conditional Warranty Certificate

Recored radiators or assemblies are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of fault in both workmanship and materials for a period to 3 years from the date of initial purchase, when correctly fitted by an authorised outlet and used under normal operating conditions. At the time of fitment, conditioner must be added to the cooling system. A three months warranty is given on radiator repair work. Responsibility for any loss, injury or damage attributable to any fault in workmanship or material in the core/assembly or making good such defect provided the defective radiator assembly is returned.

2nd and 3rd Year Warranty Validation

To obtain warranty cover on recored/radiator assemblies beyond 12 months or 25,000 kms and subsequently 24 months or 50,000 kms which ever comes first, the vehicle must be serviced and validated at those respective intervals. Your agent will inspect the radiator and replace the coolant conditioner in the cooling system at the customers expense and the warranty system appropriately endorsed.

The Warranty is VOIDů

if the product is not serviced and validated at 12 and 24 month intervals

if any attempt is made to repair a core/assembly without authority.

to any defect attributable to accident, abuse or negligence.

where the core/assembly is used for any application for which it was not originally intended.

where a pressure cap other than that specified by the vehicle manufacturer is used.

The Warranty Does not cover:

charges related to "remove and replace" from vehicles.

internal or external corrosion

damage resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the radiator

automatic transmission oil coolers.

Stray current corrosion

Aluminium Radiators

In order to comply with the warranty, a purchaser of an Aluminium radiator, must, in addition to the above:

flush out the entire system to clean out all the old inhibitor. Some inhibitors can react with one another. This can corrode and destroy the radiator.

Aluminium radiators require a Glycol based inhibitor that meets the Australian Standard AS2108. Aussie Desert Cooler recommends GMH inhibitor to suit VN Commodore.

After the radiator has been fitted and the system has been refilled using the correct inhibitor, the inhibitor must be checked for STRAY CURRENT using a voltmeter/electrolysis detector. Always check for stray current with the engine running and with all accessories turned ON. If any accessories are not earthed properly the stray current passes through the inhibitor and can corrode the radiator within weeks.







Last modified: June 08, 2006