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We use only the best materials in our products. Our ability to design and manufacture in house gives us the confidence to offer a 3 year warranty on all products and our technical advice is second to none.


We run state of the art design software and modern sheet metal machinery operated by tradesmen.


We are continually improving our radiators to make sure our customers have the latest and the best products on the market.


Our management team have not only a long history in the radiator and automotive cooling industry but are also very keen automotive enthusiasts. Couple this with computer aided 3D design, CNC profile cutting and top tradesmen, you end up with a product that is hard to beat.


We aim to have all jobs follow a fully defined set of criteria with a quality control system that is strictly adhered to but sometimes we have a customer that may have a problem with their job.


We have an online customer service system that can be used 24/7 and a customer service team that works extended hours weekdays and most weekends. We endeavor to solve problems in the most time efficient way with the best customer outcome with no fuss.


We have a full Brass Copper workshop where the tradesman are schooled the old fashioned way with trade skills that are long gone in the average radiator industry. We often receive and build radiators for a customer's much loved Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari or F1.


We also offer a full Aluminium replacement service for any radiator. Send us your Brass Copper or Aluminium radiator and we can make a replica in Aluminium with a pretty quick turn around. We do this daily for customers Australia Wide.


If you don't have an original, we can build to a drawing or a template. Don't worry if you are not a draftsman, as long as all the measurements are shown, we'll build off a sketch. You would be surprised how specs have been supplied over the years!!


We care about the product we build, we care about the application and we care about our customers.